Cleaning & Preserving

Preserve the Life of Cedar Shingles

You can extend the life of your roof--and thereby increase the value of your home--by having Kokua Roofing clean and seal your cedar shingles with our biodegradable and environmentally-conscious process.

Metal Roofing

Make your metal roof look clean and refreshed with our power washing and coating applications. A simple and cost effective method to achieve a like-new result.

Cost-Saving and Environmentally Conscious

By preserving your cedar shingles, you can save money by avoiding a roof replacement. At the same time, you can be eco-conscious by keeping your roof waste out of the landfill.

Nearly Brand New and Ready for More Years

Your cedar shingles will look brand new when done. Aesthetically and environmentally, you will be satisfied with how the life of your cedar shingles can be extended.

By cleaning your cedar shingles or metal, your roof will look great!