Residential Resort Development

Kokua Roofing has extensive experience with new construction, additions, and remodeling projects. We can advise you on the best approach to your roofing needs based on the type of construction.

We have extensive experience working with development properties including condominiums, apartments, multi-tenant, and multiple structure projects.

Commercial Development

We provide roofing expertise to a variety of commercial developments throughout the Hawaiian islands. View photos on our Portfolio page.

Retrofit Roofing

With new additions to existing structures, we can retrofit the existing roof to the new structure.

Repair or Replacement - Fixing Your Roof

When the natural aging process or specific conditions compromise the integrity of your roof, Kokua Roofing can help you replace or repair it.

Protecting Your Roof Against Rain, Wind & More

Replacing a roof with new materials and processes, offering multi-year guarantees, can provide you with peace of mind for many years.

Roofing replacement gives you the ability to integrate new ventilation and the newest roofing materials. Update your properties aesthetic appeal and increase functionality with an updated roof!

We can recommend ENERGY STAR rated shingles and ventilation if appropriate.