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Have You Checked on or Inspected Your Roof Lately?

It is time to get serious about protecting your roof and the contents of your home or building. This summer has been a wet one with most of the Big Island experiencing precipitation amounts significantly greater than a typical July. According to West Hawaii Today, nine of the 10 rain gauges in the North Kona and South Kona districts saw more than 115% of average rainfall during July, and August doesn’t seem to be any different. What could that mean for you?

The consistent presence of rain can make any potentially small roofing issue a much bigger one very quickly, if periodic inspections and maintenance does not occur. Don’t let a small fix grow into a big problem. We don’t blame you if you’re not interested in climbing on your roof to inspect its integrity. That is why Kokua Roofing offers a roof maintenance program to its customers to take the burden off of you.

Signing up for our roof maintenance program will significantly reduce the chances of a roof leak which can cost you lots of money, especially if your leak is an emergency. That immediate need of addressing the situation can put you at a costly disadvantage. Kokua’s Roof Service and Maintenance Program will provide roof inspections to identify common weaknesses and issues early on. By doing so, you can prevent damage to your roof. In fact, a roof maintenance program can save you up to 50% over the life of a 30-year roof compared to replacing it every 15-20 years.

Want more information on how Kokua Roofing can service your roof by signing up to its Roof Maintenance Program performed by one of the best roofers in Hawaii? Email or call us. Contact us today!

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